• 3 days per time , 6 times per treatment course

    Stick kintape on skin, wear it last for 3 days per time.


    Kintape, a kind of Elastic adhesive Bandage

    1 bag for 1 part per 1 time

    • Choose the part that you want to treat. 
    • They are different pieces 
    • Kintape is Elastic and Adhesive.
    • Apply Kintape pieces in the bag by following the guide. It is different shape and different direction to apply.
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    Wear Kintape for moving, working, sleeping, showering

    Keep relieving pain in your activities

    • Kintape is thin as skin, Taping it by correct way, you could do anything as normal without block feelings
    • It will stay well entirely after taping in 30 minutes (Please no big activities and sweat in the first 30 minutes).
    • Kintape is at level 3 waterproof. Don't worry about the little water on it.
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    Last for 3 days, Pull it off, Disposal

    Wear kintape for 3 days per time

    • Kintape is physiotherapy tape, and it works while it is on skin. So last for long time is better for it effect to the body.
    • It is fine, wear kintape to have shower every day after kintape stay on skin entirely. 
    • Dry it with pressing dry towel easily 2-3 times
    • Kintape is single use.
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    Kintape for a completely treatment course but your skin needs rest.

    Pain relief by physiotherapy needs patience and keep taping

    • Kintape kill the non-bacterial inflammation by physiotherapy.
    • How fast it effect your body depends on your body immunity.
    • It need time to recovery.
    • If your skin feel wrong, just breath 1-2 days before the next taping.
  • What is the Options till now?

    Treat the non-bacterial inflammation

    Neck pain

    1. Cervical spondylosis
    2. Neck and shoulder muscle strain
    3. Stiff neck
    4. Semispinalis damage

    Lower back pain

    1. Sore or pain on the waist
    2. Strain of lumbar muscles
    3. Waist muscle lack of strength

    Knee Pain

    1. Gonarthromeningitis
    2. Meniscus injury
    3. Medial and lateral collateral ligament injuries
    4. Swollen on the knee

    Shoulder pain

    1. Frozen shoulder
    2. Sore or pain on the shoulder
    3. Deltoid muscle pain
    4. The arm couldn't lift up, turn inner or outer

    More in the future depends your vote

    Please vote the parts that

  • Are you worried about how to use kintape?

    Please Don't, it is easy,fun, and moving.

    There is 4 official basic videos for reference.

    Many tips in our blogs and social media

    and contact us to help any time

  • Easy

    Easy to follow the guide, easy to find the points by videos, easy to use them at home

  • Fun

    Fun as a Director. Fun with different color to meet your style. Fun for printing different pattern to mean something. Fun because of you are directing the kintape to make a miracle treatment

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