• You may not believe kintape

    How could a tape treat the non-bacterial inflammation? Amazing!



    Thanks for coming here and would like to know something about kintape.


    You won't know we even don't believe the tape that without drugs who can treat in the beginning, As we are a tapes factory since 2004, for sports and medical market. And the most of tape, different of fabric material, different of glue, only for strapping and supporting function. But miracle comes from doubt, otherwise that won't be an amazing things. Kintape technique and theory system is amazing.


    It started from 7 years ago, now it goes on with the health mission that we do believe now.

    In 2008, the first time we produced customized kinesiology tape for our clients, from that on, there is many different requirement, like in roll, in different shapes, thicker, suit the skin, different elasticity, more adhesive, different glue surface and so on. There is no an common standard,

    In 2009, Mr. Han Shibing found that, Kinesiology tape should be not effect for muscle only but also for main and collateral channels, blood, lymph. That makes sense. He changed to research the theory and treat methods.

    In 2012, Mr. Han work out the basic theory, and treat some cases successfully while he research, then we open our own exhibition center, till 2013, opened 4 exhibition centers. 4 center keeper has no any medical experience, but they treat the patients well with the technique from Mr. Han. And there is more than 30,000 cases in our exhibition centers, We record, discuss, study and sum up. And because of this experience, DL makes the standard of elasticity, thickness, glue and adhesive by our own,

    In 2014, Mr. Han wrote the book principles and practice of kintape, it is the basic system for kintape technique and theory.

    In 2015, An important year, Kintape 2 QUICK DRYING is produced to a real kintape which is bionics physiotherapy tape not kinesiology tape any more.

    From 2015 till now, there is more than 12 times big Kintape technique and theory Ed, 100 times technique forums. More than 3000 Doctors joint in and pass the Kintape technique and theory examination who from orthopedics department, children rehabilitation department, pain management, Chinese medicine department in different hospital. They use the theory in their field to make the treatment better. And kintape effective feedback more than 95% from hospital.


    Yes, Kintape technique and theory system is amazing. Four parts in the beginning for anyone to use easier who is pain, and Anyone can learn the technique easy if you would like. Kintape, treat the non-bacterial inflammation by kintape technique and theory, it is bionics physiotherapy. No any drugs, treat with the special taping methods. And simple one original theory: bionics and six principles will help you direct kintape well to relief pain. And extend to use in neurology, orthopedics, rehabilitation, pregnancy, poliomyelitis, stroke etc.

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    Basic of bionics theory, Establish a flow guidance on the skin surface to promote blood circulation, recover ossified/rigid muscles, guide the lymph to result in non-bacterial inflammation, in the meantime, the blood circulation system is used to the trash in human body and enhance self-repairing capability. It is bionics physiotherapy.

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    1. If the pain caused by long time or repeat posture, Like cervical spondylosis, strain of lumbar muscles, Tennis Elbow, meniscus injury etc.
    2. Any pain caused by non-bacterial inflammation you know.
    3. Or any pain you want to try, but maybe kintape only reduce the the pain feeling can not treat to recovery all. But please don't miss the perfect time for doctor to judge.

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    Fine with the other treatment

    Kintape technique is bionics physiotherapy, there is no drugs, and it effects only while it is applied on the skin. Pull it off if taped wrong. It is safe. So it is fine use kintape with the other treatment.