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    It is a new technology for health recovery. Kintape technique complementary the current medical treatment for treat non-bacterial inflammation. The kintape director will use kintape technique for treat professionally. People also could try to treat by themselves if it is a standard pain at first. It is physiotherapy and it is safe. Because of that while pull the kintape off, it won't effect to people any more. So let us make the education of kintape technique and theory and make the standard parts for people to use easily.


    In our more than 30,000 cases, we found that 80% patients have pain on Neck, Knee, Shoulder, Waist, 60% pain appearance is similar. So for the 60% x 80% of the patients who want to relief pain easier. Easier to use and taping at home. You could choose KINTAPE 2 easy Options for the 4 parts. Standard taping method for each part, pre-cut, just follow the manual to apply. And there will be more and more parts depends on people votes.


    KINTAPE 2 pro option 5cm x 32m big roll for Kintape Director. Cut the length and shape depends on thinking.


    Kintape technique and theory training institutions for international diploma, to become a Kintape Director.


    Kintape technique and theory service system, help people to use, to learn, to extend.

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