• Six Principles

    --Book: Principles and practice of kintape

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    Flow guidance

    The first principle

    In the resonance condition, active the static blood, and cause of emulating venous valve, it flows in one direction.

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    Promoting blood circulation

    The second principle

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    Intensify or relax muscle tissue

    The third principle

    Muscle has a certain directivity

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    Sorting out fascia tissue

    The fourth principle

    the fascia tissue has no orientation itself, Kintape will guide it to a certain direction

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    Acupuncture points effect

    The fifth principle

    Acupuncture point is the exchange point between material and energy in human body. So we could create acupoints on the skin which has exchanging function by flow guidance theory.

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    Gate control theory

    The six principle

    After hurt, the hurt feeling won't disappear, but will feel furt lesser if more feelings into touch nerve