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The effects of kintape X shape

--Kintape Director tips

I shape, Y shape is the popular shape in treatment by Kintape. I shape , Y shape has better function on flow guidance. But X shape will help you lift the skin to get more space than I shape and Y shape. What is more, it is very important for the principle acupuncture points effect.

X shape is also called cross type. Its main effects are increasing the circulation of blood or tissue fluid in the applied position, as well as lifting skin of the sore spots. When used separately, it can be used directly as an analgesic plaster. When combined with other shapes, it is mostly used to prepare for the next step or shape. In combined sets, therefore, it is the first shape to be applied. The main taping methods are

1. Apply the centre, then stretch the branches in four direction

Apply the central point onto the sore sport, stretch and apply the four branches in four directions to form a skin shrinkage effect toward the middle sore spot.

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It is equivalent of massage for the sore spot. Meanwhile, it may stretch the skin around the sore spot reversely in four directions, As a result, the skin in the middle is lifted and the subcutaneous space is opened.

2. Stretch the four branches to apply

Stretch the four corners and apply onto the skin surface directly, then affix the middle point at the sore spot or a point that requires treatment to tighten wrinkles toward the skin in the middle.

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It will promote the blood circulation of subcutaneous tissue. The whole applied surface is lifed and has a certain degree of wrap. when the muscles skin is stiff, the effect of flow guidance is not obvious while the pain is inward tightening effects are better.

3.Stretch the central and apply, then no stretch to apply the branches

Stretch and apply the middle part, then apply the four corners naturally. The lifting height of the middle position in this way is higher than that of the taping method 1, while the surrounding somatic sense is inferior to that in 1, It is usually applicable to positions requiring intense lifting, such as blood balance in the case of migraine seizures and acute treatment in the case of achilles reptures. The intensity degree is excessive in treating chronic common diseases.

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Reference to the book : Principles and Practice of kintape