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Six function principles of Kintape

-- reference from book Principles and Practice of kintape

There is some principles for treat while you applying. Someone may remember the taping steps. But if with the kintape principles. You will forget all the steps, only treat after you see the patients.

Basic product standard, including requirements for fabrics and glue. In this way, for praticality, kintape also has six functional principles. Users may not judge use independently and should adjust usage during operation unless they have a good command of the six principles.

1.Flow guidance

In the resonance condition, active the static blood, and cause of emulating venous valve, it flows in one direction.

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Flow guidance is the top function among all six functional principles as it is directly derived from the basic principle of imitation of the venous valve effects and will be used in treating muscles, nerves, blood, lymph, etc. It can be said that it is one of the most widely-used principles. Sometimes, even if it seems that other functional principles have played its role, the proper results cannot be implemented without the basic function of flow guidance.

2.Promoting blood circulation

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Acceleration of blood circulation can promote the improvement of blood oxygen content for one position: remove extravasated blood, realize detumescence (reduction of swelling), recover ossified/rigid muscles, etc.

3.Intensify or relax muscle tissue

Muscle has a certain directivity

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This kintape principle is widely used and accepted in the practical use of kintape. It is mainly because this point is the easiest to be understood. and can also be easily mastered in practice. For this point, we will not discuss how many human muscles there are or the operation modes of each muscle or muscle group. What we focus on is to explain the convenience of operation.

Below the skin, there is subcutaneous muscle tissue. Muscle has a certain directivity and because of this, the human body can achieve relaxation or intensification and thus perform different actions such as bowing and stretching, grabbing and dropping, and bending and straightening. And intensify in the same direction of the muscle and relax in the opposite direction of the muscle.

4.Sorting out fascia tissue

the fascia tissue has no orientation itself, Kintape will guide it to a certain direction

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There is a large amount of liquid in fascia, which is collectively referred to as tissue fluid with fluidity. The fascia tissue is in a network shape and has no orientation in itself. When the body is in a normal state. the non-orientation of fascia is blocked or a large amount of inflammation exists in the tissue fluid, the waste generated by metabolism will not be discharged from the body timely and effectively. This cause our bodies to become sore. If the tissue fluid in fascia tissue can flow based on our needs and spontaneously form a circulating habit, it will then effectively improve our human body system and spontaneously eliminate inflammation. Therefore, it is one of the functional principles of kintape.

5.Acupuncture points effect

Acupuncture point is the exchange point between material and energy in human body. So we could create acupoints on the skin which has exchanging function by flow guidance theory.

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In practical use, it is unnecessary to achieve symmetry in energy exchange or while using the taping method. Even in applying from one end to another, the pressure differential will generate from one end and thus force the material exchange of tissue fluid under the applied part. This is similar to flow guidance, blood circulation, or the smoothing of fascia tissue. In the same way, however, the four things stress on different points. In the principle of acupoints, It focuses on the forced material exchange of the damaged point and thus accelerates the recovery of the damaged point.

6.Gate control theory

After hurt, the hurt feeling won't disappear, but will feel furt lesser if more feelings into touch nerve

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The applying and covering functions of the kintape is just like increasing the stimulation from foreign objects touching the skin. Closing the transferring number of pain nerves, the high elasticity of the kintape will further enhance the feeling capacity of the skin and so further enhance the proportion of the transferred touch sensation to the brain. It has a strong practical significance in a wide range of pain with unknow causes.

Reference from the book : Principles and practice of kintape