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The effects of kintape I shape

-- Kintape Director Tips

As you know, Kintape effect to body because of the correct methods to taping on the skin. And you see that, there is different shapes and different directions request while you taping.

The common shapes is I, Y, X or O. Here is the tips of I shape first.

I shape kintape function

I shape is also called vertical-bar type. Applying different directions of force can both relax and contract the muscle. The results of stretching and taping methods are as follows, respectively:

1. Start from the top stretch evenly to the end

As the following picture, Stretch and apply it at one end, then stretch the kintape evenly and apply it onto the skin while stretching.

I shape kintape function

Applying in different directions of the muscle can relax or enhance the muscle strength in the applied position. Meanwhile, it has the effect of one-way flow guidance. For the results of the effect, the tensile strength is in direct proportion to the capacity of the flow guidance and muscle treatment. It is of the strongest ability in flow guidance among all forms.

2. Apply in the middle and stretch to the two ends

Apply the kintape in the middle point, then stretch at both ends and apply it onto the skin while it is stretched. Like the picture below:

I shape kintape function

It can make the skin at two ends approach toward the middle and converge toward one point. This can support the injured position by enhancing the muscular strength around it. At this time, it has obvious of the flow guidance are weakened and it has no obvious effects on changes in the muscular strength.

3. Stretch two ends to apply

Stretch kintape at two ends. See the picture below:

 I shape kintape function

When it is fully stretched, apply both ends on the smooth skin surface. Then, apply the rest onto the skin in order to make the covered skin produce wrinkles and relax the muscle evenly, producing no tensile force or flow force in a single-point direction. When the I-shape kintape is in a wrapped form, this method will fix and massage the sore spot. At this moment, it will change the muscular strength in a limited range while changing the skin's touch significantly and lifting the whole skin.

4. Apply two ends position first with stretching then stick the rest on skin with different direction

Stretch kintape at one end and apply the end onto the initial point, then stretch it fully and apply it onto another point. Finally apply the rest, pressing toward the terminal point from the initial point or from the terminal point toward to the initial point. Like the options below

broken image

At this moment, its main effects are strengthening or relaxing the muscle. However, the effects of flow guidance and skin lifting are weakened.

Those 4 basic principle will help you apply good and choose the better way for your patients.